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Our mission is to open the doors of cartographic possibility to anyone interested by creating a time and space for collaborative learning, exploration, and map creation using mapping tools and technologies.

Great Big March Madness Maptime Pizza Donation from CartoDB!

Maptime Bear Pizza Delivery

All of us at Maptime are excited to announce our first ever pretty darn big donation. Thanks to the fine folks at CartoDB, Maptimes that meet up in the month of March will get free pizza for up to 35 people.

This is huge! Maptime is self-organized by volunteers. Those without sponsorship have to shoulder the cost of snacks, fees, and sometimes even the cost for space. It’s a testament to the commitment of our community…but it still adds up. This pizza donation will make it that much easier on our organizers this month.

For which we say…


Thank you, CartoDB

Also many thanks to all of our organizers. It’s your work that makes Maptime the amazing community that it is today.

Want to sponsor a Maptime? Email Tax deductible donations coming soon!

Maptime Bear mascot by Omar Ureta of MaptimeLA

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Posted Mar 03 2015

Maptime Summit at State of the Map US!

Mark your calendar, and make your travel arrangements! We are having our second annual Maptime Summit (and our first full-day affair) on Monday, June 8, 2015, in conjunction with the OpenStreetMap State of the Map US conference!

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, we get to have it at the United Nations headquarters in New York City!

We will post more details in the coming months, but for now we are planning a single track of workshops, lightning talks, and discussion that will happen in parallel with the SOTMUS hackathon day on Monday. Maptime chapter organizers, attendees, and any kind of map fans are all welcome and encouraged to attend!

Got questions? Email for answers! See you in NYC!

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Posted Feb 06 2015

Learning Together in 2015

By the Maptime SF & OAK Gang, which crosses over with HQ a lot

Happy new year, Maptime! There’s lots brewing for 2015 already, and we’re excited to get started with all of it. Conferences, mega-organizer meetings, and chapter support are all on the list, but first we must tend to our primary mission: getting our tutorial schedule together so we can get teaching!

This year, we want to try something new: making a schedule that puts tutorials in some kind of order. We hope that doing this will address a couple important challenges:

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Posted Jan 13 2015

Cheers to an incredible 2014

mappy holidays!

40+ chapters in 4 continents. Hundreds of volunteers & new students. A new website. More tutorials. All made with love and passion. Here’s to every single person who has put their heart and soul into this educational movement this year and to adventures ahead in 2015!

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Posted Dec 23 2014

Maptime + Code for America = <3

Did you know that Maptime and Code for America are best of friends? There’s so much overlap between the two organizations, you could probably call us cousins. We decided to go with best friends instead.

Today, Code for America announced its 2015 class of fellows, which includes a whopping four Maptime organizers! Huge congrats to:

A huge congratulations to our lovely maptimer fellows!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that there are at least a few Maptime chapters that have been born out of Code for America brigades, including MaptimeHRVA (born from Code for Hampton Roads), MaptimeTulsa (born from Code for Tulsa), MaptimeMIA (born from Code for Miami and MaptimePR (born from Code for Puerto Rico). Are you involved in your local Code for America brigade and hankering for a Maptime in your area? Talk about it with your fellow civic hackers and email us at!

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Posted Nov 20 2014