Maptime and ADA25 Chicago

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Planning and information gathering

Please join us on May 22nd to discuss opportunities to improve public and open accessibility data in our community. In particular, we would like to identify ways in which OpenStreetMap, the free, open, and community-built map of the world, can better capture characteristics of the built environment that impact how people with disabilities move throughout the city.

Maptime Chicago and Smart Chicago are working to both improve the data in OpenStreetMap and empower community members to contribute to and benefit from the map. We need your insight and feedback to ensure this work reaches the right members of the community and is primed to create lasting impact. We look forward to meeting with you.

The outcomes of this meeting will help Maptime Chicago and Smart Chicago plan a future Maptime event centered around adding and maintaining accessibility data in OpenStreetMap.

Meeting Details


Please email Sonja Marziano at to let us know if you plan to attend.

Join us: Friday, May 22 2015