Map Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle

Join the first mapping event under the Maptime Copenhagen chapter. We will be using Mapillary to gather POI information that we will then be inputting into OpenStreetMap (OSM). We will also be creating a visual representation of Frederiksborg Castle that will get better and better with the more contributors that take part.

This event is open to everyone. All that you need to attend is a smartphone with Mapillary installed or an action camera with GPS. We will spend the first hour or so gathering images with Mapillary and then head to Hillerød’s main library to upload and edit POI information in the area.

The agenda is flexible so if you have ideas, get involved with Maptime Copenhagen and we can create a fun environment to get new people involved with OSM and GIS.

If you love mapping, taking photos and or history, sign up for the event and we look forward to mapping with you on 19th September.

Maptime Copenhagen

Join us: Saturday, Sep 19 2015