OpenStreetMap (OSM) Data Editing

This month at Maptime Madison, Spencer Gardner, a Maptime regular and transportation planner here in Madison, will teach us about OpenStreetMap (OSM). We will have a general overview of OSM, its origins and growth as a data platform, and current applications. We will also discuss the data model and learn about platforms for editing OSM data in our own neighborhoods. Finally, we will leave some time for people to try their hand at edits!


There will be several laptops available for your use provided by the Madison Public Library! Feel free to bring your own laptop too. If you can, please make a free account at OSM. Click here to learn about JOSM, which will be brought up a little in the presentation (note–requires Java, but not necessary for editing OSM). Here is additional information to learn about OSM!

When and Where

Monday, February 27th, 6pm - 8pm @ Madison Public Library: Central Library @ the Bubbler 201 W Mifflin St Madison, WI 53703

Join us: Monday, Feb 27 2017