Show and Tell and Learn

Join us this month at Maptime Madison for Show and Tell and Learn! We’ll open the floor for you to share a map that you’ve made, a project in progress, or something mappy that you love to look at! The goal is to show off all of the amazing work the Madison mapping community is a part of! You don’t have to be a map expert either. The idea is to provide a supportive learning environment to learn about process, workflows, technologies (old and new) and new ideas. No need to prepare anything ahead of time! Everyone can have 5-10 minutes to share, discuss, ask questions, and get constructive feedback. Just bring something map related (print or digital format work great) and questions!


Please bring a map to share! If you have a laptop, feel free to bring it along. There will computers available as well provided by Central Library.


There will be snacks to share!

When and Where

Monday, April 24th, 6pm - 8pm @ Madison Public Library: Central Library @ the Bubbler 201 W Mifflin St Madison, WI 53703

Join us: Monday, Apr 24 2017