Map Crafts

We’ll be meeting at the Department of Revenue’s Stassen Building in St. Paul over the lunch hour. The Stassen Building is on the green line, across the street from the Robert Street Station. Check out the Department of Revenue’s website for more detailed driving directions and parking information.

February’s session is all about map crafts! We’ll have Ashley Ignatius and Anne Morris show us some map crafts we can work through including: mapping using wood and string, constructing multi-purpose map boxes, and creating map beads!

After the short demo, we’ll have work time to make our own map crafts using the mediums Ashley and Anne show us, time for discussions with the group, sharing of projects, and all things maps!

We’ll have pizza and refreshments, courtesy of CARTO.

As always, beginners are welcome!


Join us: Thursday, Feb 09 2017

MN GIS/LIS Get-together in Duluth

This month we’ll have an informal get together to celebrate our two year anniversary during the Minnesota GIS/LIS Conference’s annual conference in Duluth to chat about our love of maps among fellow map lovers!

Join us for the first time or join us again! We want YOU to tell us what you’d like to see at future events, such as CARTO visualizations, Open Street Map, our favorite maps, and much more!

Join us: Thursday, Oct 27 2016

What We Are Working On

We will start off with short talks (~10 min) about something that you are working on, and then the remainder of the meeting will be time to discuss or collaborate on projects.

Presentations and projects are not expected to be polished, just an introduction to something that you are working on. People can present for various reasons (and you don’t have to specify yours..):

  • To get feedback / critique
  • To ask for help or assistance on part of a project
  • To find collaborators for a project
  • To show others work that you are proud of

Please email if you are interested in giving a quick talk. We are looking for any map-related projects and really want to see examples of what you, Maptime MSP members are working on.

Everyone is welcome. No matter what your experience level is, if you are interested in maps, this is the group for you.

Pizza will be provided by CARTO!


Join us: Thursday, Sep 22 2016

Open Street Map and Open Data

This month we’ll focus on Open Street Map + Open Data!

Joe Sapletal will show us some of his techniques bringing in large open source datasets to Open Street Map to showcase great local data.

Following the presentation, we’ll dive in and edit Open Street Map together, explore some open source datasets we could import into Open Street Map, and have some time for networking amongst the group!

No previous Open Street Map experience is necessary to attend. If you don’t already have an account, you can register at

If you have a laptop, don’t forget to bring it along, but if you don’t have access to one we’ll share together!

We will have pizza and beverages, courtesy of CARTO. As always, beginners are welcome!


Join us: Thursday, Aug 18 2016

Handmade Maps and Map Art

Maps + Art = Awesome!

Join us in taking on the creative side of maps. Be prepared to learn about everything from conceptualizing a hand made map, materials, processes, and tips and tricks.

Jacqueline Kovarik will give an overview of how she makes her handmade, watercolor maps followed by methods that other cartographers use in other types of handcrafted mapping.

Following the presentation, Jacqueline will lead a map art project that each attendee can participate in. At the end of the session, we’ll each have a piece of map art to take home!

Please feel free to bring a map that you’ve created (digitally or otherwise) to use in the map art project (make sure it’s one you feel comfortable folding and cutting).

We will have pizza and beverages, courtesy of CARTO. As always, beginners are welcome!


Join us: Thursday, Jul 21 2016