Countdown to the 2015 Maptime Summit!

###Wait seriously? It’s only two-and-a-half weeks until the Maptime Summit? WHOA.

Thanks to basically the whole OS geo community, we are inching towards being ready:

  • CartoDB is helping us with pizza for lunch.
  • Mapbox is helping us with printing and getting Camille to the event.
  • Mapzen is helping with snacks.
  • OSMF (which includes people from both Mapbox and Mapzen) busted their butts finding us a great space for the Summit. They are also on the hunt for an event photographer.
  • Stamen is making it possible for Beth to get to NYC for the event.
  • Maptimers from all over are showing up to volunteer!

How cool is that? Many thanks to everyone for your help! There is no way we could pull this off without you.

In this final countdown, we have some important announcements and calls for participation:

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Posted May 20 2015

Calling all troops! Help HOT this week!

HOT Home Page

by Beth

###Calling all troops!

As many of you likely already know, a few days ago Nepal was hit with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. The natural disaster has shattered temples and homes, and left thousands dead or injured.

What can you do to help? In addition to donating to your favorite relief effort, you can help Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team (HOT) to remap the area.

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Posted Apr 27 2015

Maptime Summit!

Maptime Summit at State of the Map

June 8, 2015 // New York, NY // NYU Kimmel Center

9:30am – 4:30pm
Kimmel Center NYU Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life
238 Thompson St 3rd Floor

UPDATES! due to space change from UN to the Kimmel Center, we’ve had to reduce the number of tickets available. We also have to be out of the room by 5pm (including clean-up). Please see schedule change below.

Calling all Maptime organizers, attendees, and enthusiasts! Maptime Summit is coming, and we want you to be there.

On Monday, June 8th (immediately following State of the Map US 2015), join us at the NYU Kimmel Center for a day full of learning, collaboration, and excitement as we get to know each other and strengthen the ties throughout our international Maptime landscape. During the Maptime Summit, you can expect to:

  • Share your experiences and things you've made at Maptime
  • Organize with other Maptimers around topics you're interested in (like Maptime for Kids!)
  • Get insight on making your own tutorials and better using the ones available
  • Learn how you can get involved with Maptime HQ
  • Strengthen your chapter and your relationships with other chapters
  • Have a TON of fun!

Registration is now open for this historic event. RSVP today and come join us in New York!


9:30 Sign-in
10:00 Welcoming announcements
10:30 Chapter Lightning Talks
11:15 BREAK!
11:30 Unconference Session 1
12:15 Group photo!
12:30 LUNCH!
1:30 Tutorial & Educational Development Training
2:15 Unconference Session 2
3:00 BREAK!
4:15 HQ Logistics Q+A / Github for Maptime Organizers
4:00 Closing remarks! Sign the big map! Hugs!

The day will conclude with the closing State of the Map Party at Mapzen, in conjunction with GeoNYC! And yes, there will be karaoke.


Many thanks to our amazing volunteer team, who have us covered during the event. Bert Spaan, Katie Kowalsky, Shawn Goulet, and Dan Swick, you all rock!


The Maptime Summit would not be possible without support from CartoDB, Mapbox, Mapzen, and Stamen Design. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!

See you in New York!

Posted Mar 23 2015

Great Big March Madness Maptime Pizza Donation from CartoDB!

Maptime Bear Pizza Delivery

All of us at Maptime are excited to announce our first ever pretty darn big donation. Thanks to the fine folks at CartoDB, Maptimes that meet up in the month of March will get free pizza for up to 35 people.

This is huge! Maptime is self-organized by volunteers. Those without sponsorship have to shoulder the cost of snacks, fees, and sometimes even the cost for space. It’s a testament to the commitment of our community…but it still adds up. This pizza donation will make it that much easier on our organizers this month.

For which we say…


Thank you, CartoDB

Also many thanks to all of our organizers. It’s your work that makes Maptime the amazing community that it is today.

Want to sponsor a Maptime? Email Tax deductible donations coming soon!

Maptime Bear mascot by Omar Ureta of MaptimeLA

Posted Mar 03 2015

Maptime Summit at State of the Map US!

Mark your calendar, and make your travel arrangements! We are having our second annual Maptime Summit (and our first full-day affair) on Monday, June 8, 2015, in conjunction with the OpenStreetMap State of the Map US conference!

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, we get to have it at the United Nations headquarters in New York City!

We will post more details in the coming months, but for now we are planning a single track of workshops, lightning talks, and discussion that will happen in parallel with the SOTMUS hackathon day on Monday. Maptime chapter organizers, attendees, and any kind of map fans are all welcome and encouraged to attend!

Got questions? Email for answers! See you in NYC!

Posted Feb 06 2015