MaptimePGH with the Students for Urban Data Systems (SUDS) Data User Group

When March 30, 2016 - 5:30 PM
Where Wean Hall @ Carnegie Mellon University, Room 4623
Contact @MaptimePGH,
Thanks SUDS and OpenPGH

Wean Hall is the large concrete building just off the southern ‘Mall’ of CMU’s campus:

In this session we’ll provide an introduction to the basic geographic, cartographic, and geographic information systems (GIS) concepts essential to working with data in digital mapping and web maps. These concepts will be explained within the context of working with Open Street Map (OSM) and FOSS-geo tools like QGIS, Mapbox, CartoDB, and Leaflet. We’ll then work through an example using WPRDC data and an off-the-shelf web mapping platform (TBD).

New to Maptime? New to mapping? Maptime is geared for beginners, and the session will be interactive so that you have plenty of opportunities to learn!

Join us: Wednesday, Mar 30 2016