When April, 27 2016, from 6-8 PM
Where Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, East Liberty
Contact @MaptimePGH,
Thanks Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and OpenPGH

In this session we’ll do a walkthrough of MapWarper, an excellent online tool for georeferencing images of maps.

Georeferencing is the process of giving non-geographic data the geographic attributes it needs to be shown on a digital map. With MapWarper, we’ll show how to take maps that are only stored as images (e.g., scans of historic maps), place them in the correct virtual geographic context, and view them online.

We’ll then turn everyone loose on the University of Pittsburgh’s excellent digital historic maps collection, which includes many amazing but un-georeferenced historic maps of Pittsburgh.

See this “urban scratch-off map” for an example of a fun way to interact with georeferenced historic maps. With a good inventory of georeferenced historic local maps, we can work with OpenPGH to build something similar here!

New to Maptime? New to mapping? *Maptime is geared for beginners, and the session will be interactive so that you have plenty of opportunities to learn!**

Join us: Wednesday, Apr 27 2016