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@MaptimePGH | 07 July 2016

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Today we're going to talk about

a free, open, community built map of the world

(and how you can make it better)

What is OpenStreetMap?

the "Wikipedia of maps"

an editable database with global coverage

What is on Open Street Map?

Generally, anything representing discrete physical geographic objects

From the docs: OpenStreetMap represents physical features on the ground (e.g., roads or buildings) using tags attached to its basic data structures (its nodes, ways, and relations). Each tag describes a geographic attribute of the feature being shown by that specific node, way or relation.

data licensed under the Open Database License: ODbL

(This means that your contributions have to be open, too.)

Open Street Map is not:

Anyone can edit OSM

So, let's sign up now!

Meanwhile, here are some resources for later:

But wait - hold up!
Why does all this matter?

No single entity controls what goes on OSM

"...no one company should have a monopoly on place...Place is a shared resource, and when you give all that power to a single entity, you are giving them the power not only to tell you about your location, but to shape it."

- Serge Wroclawski, OSM Contributor/Ethical Hacker

And what do I map?

What do other people map?

wiki.osm.org / wiki / Map_Features

Am I doing it the right way?

Read about wiki.osm.org / wiki / Good_practice

And now that I'm signed up...how do I start editing?

Three options this evening!

Add features using the built in iD Editor

Take a mini-tour of Lawrenceville and map using Field Papers

Plan an import of Allegheny County building footprint open data

3 rules for deciding what to add to OSM

from beamapper.com/

Map things that are Verifiable

Add things that are verifiable by other mappers; we're all collaborating on this map. If a business has a sign, add it to OpenStreetMap. Don't add information that would disturb the privacy of somebody. So, the address of a building is fine. The name of the residential tenant is not.

Map things that are Permanent

Add things that are relatively permanent. Is there a public restroom at the local ball diamond? Add it to the map. Did the city place a portable toilet for a parade this weekend? That can be left off the map, or be certain to both add and remove it promptly.

Map things that are Significant

Add your local park picnic table to the map. That's significant enough to add to the map. Don't add the piece of gum stuck under the park bench to the map. It might be permanent and verifiable, but it isn't significant. Just throw the gum away.

Going Mobile

Many apps are available that enable viewing and editing OSM data in numerous ways, including using those with desktop-like functionality, use of GPS traces, and even augmented reality apps.


Let's go!

OK let's chat!

What did you map?

Q/A + Troubleshooting

Beyond OSM

Building a web map? OSM is the base data source relied upon by many free and open source software (FOSS) geo-tools.

These tools enable you to layer your own data over OSM and display it on the web.


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

OpenPGH, Pittsburgh's Code for America Brigade

Maptime HQ and the other Maptime chapters for providing great resource material

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