January 2019 🗺 Maptime Stammtisch 🌍 OSM mapping

On 16th January will be the next Maptime Stammtisch! Everyone is welcome to join and talk about geodata, GIS, remote sensing, programming and everything else :-)

date: Wednesday, 16th January

time: 20:00h

place: Academy Bar, Franz-Josef-Straße 4

OpenStreetMap mapping

Additionally those who are interested in OpenStreetMap(OSM) will meet one hour earlier at 19:00 in front of the Academy Bar. We will do some mapping with the Android app StreetComplete. New people are very welcome!

Join us: Wednesday, Jan 16 2019

December 2018 - Geospatial Data Handling

Our meeting in December took place in the iDEAS:lab which was kindly provided by Z_GIS. Our theme for this event was Geospatial Data Handling. We had four presentations:

git - Efficient Versioning of Code and Text files

by Steffen Reichel - Material

GDAL - Process and Transform Raster Data

by Hannah Augustin - Slides - Material - Video

OGR - Process and Transform Vector Data

by Nikolai Janakiev - Slides - Video

PostGIS - Store and Process Geodata in a Relational Database

by Andreas Petutschnig - Slides - Video


Join us: Wednesday, Dec 12 2018

November 2018 - Stammtisch

On Tuesday, 13th November 2018, five people met in order to collect some data for OpenStreetMap (OSM). We used the app StreetComplete which is very easy to use. We also exchanged our experiences with OSM. It looks like that there are actually many mappers in the Salzburg area but there is almost no personal exchange. It would be great if Maptime Salzburg could serve as a platform for this in the future.

Afterwards more people were meeting in the Trumerei bar. We discussed various geo-related topics and planned our next event which will be held in the middle of December. The presenations for the next meeting will probably be git, GDAL/OGR and PostGIS. Moreover we would like to give all participants the possibility to introduce themselves. Additionally there shall be time for some very short lightning talks.

Just in time for this second meetup we finished our new logo. It shows the two skylines of Salzburg: the castle and the churches of the old town.

We are looking forward having more people on our next meeting. If you need more information join us on our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.

Join us: Tuesday, Nov 13 2018

October 2018 - OpenStreetMap

(photo kindly provided by Trafficon)

In the beginning of October we had the first issue of our “Maptime Salzburg” meetup. We were generously hosted by Trafficon. We had three presentations about OpenStreetMap (OSM). First Jakob gave an overview about the OSM ecosystem. Afterwards Niko talked about data science with OSM. Sebastian finally compared the OSM street network with other map providers.

The evening ended in the Trumerei bar where the almost 20 participants had the chance to exchange experiences.


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