June 2019 - What’s Behind Viral Maps?

On the 26th of June we had a 20 minute talk about viral maps by Dr. Anthony Robinson, Associate Professor at Penn State. His research focuses on cartography, geography, visual analytics and online learning. Afterwards we had a wonderful BBQ with great weather.

(Photo taken by Joseph Strobl)

Overview: It’s now quite possible to create and share a map that is seen by thousands of people around the world with minimal effort. Maps that begin to spread rapidly via social media can be considered examples of viral cartography. In recent research, we have been working in the GeoVISTA Center at Penn State on developing new ways to analyze and understand maps in social media. In this talk I will show some of the progress we’ve made so far in analyzing and visualizing elements of design, dissemination, and disinformation related to viral maps.

Join us: Wednesday, Jun 26 2019

May 2019 - Mapathon

On Wednesday the 8th of May starting at 19:00 we facilitated the first Maptime Salzburg mapathon, focusing on a humanitarian mapping task in Southern Kivu (Task #5912) in collaboration with Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)), the Austrian Red Cross and Missing Maps. Edith Rogenhofer from MSF Vienna was kind enough to introduce the area and mapping campaign via Skype, despite some technical difficulties. Around 15 people attended the event, with 13 documented OSM mappers completing 346 task tiles during the mapathon.

We met again at the iDEAS:lab (Schillerstrasse 30, Techno-Z, Building/Bauteil XV), generously made possible by Z_GIS, including some sponsored snacks and beverages.

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March 2019 - Stammtisch

On the 20th of March we had a Maptime Stammtisch! Around 30 people came. Thanks for an evening of great conversation!

date: Wednesday, 20th March 2019

time: 19:30h

place: Augustiner Bräu, Lindhofstraße 7, 5020 Salzburg

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February 2019 - Jupyter

On Wednesday the 13th of February at 19:00 we facilitated Maptime presentations, focusing on interactive coding and mapping using Jupyter! We met again at the iDEAS:lab (Schillerstrasse 30, Techno-Z, Building/Bauteil XV), generously made possible by Z_GIS. Around 25-30 people participated. Our theme for this event was Jupyter. We had five presentations:

Jupyter Introduction

by Hannah Augustin

Pandas and Charts with Seaborn using Jupyter

by Lisi Linhart

PostgreSQL with Jupyter

by Veronika Krieger

Creating presentations with Jupyter

by Nikolai Janakiev

Notebooks for interactive coding in learning materials. A quest for interactive options with bookdown.

by Gudrun Wallentin


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January 2019 🗺 Maptime Stammtisch 🌍 OSM mapping

Around 20 people came to the Maptime Stammtisch on Wednesday, January 16th at Academy Bar. The OpenStreetMap(OSM) mapping activity beforehand with the Android app StreetComplete had very low attendance, but the few participants had fun walking around in the cold, damp weather anyways. :-)

We are looking forward to the next round of presentations in February to discuss ways that Jupyter can be used when working with geospatial data, maps, and more.

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