July 2019 - AGIT Mapathon

At this year’s AGIT conference we hosted a workshop about humanitarian OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping. This was conducted together with disastermappers heidelberg. At first we explained how mapping with OSM works, then the around 15 participant could apply it on a task which was provided by MSF (doctors without borders).

In the second part of the workshop we had an open forum with different youth mapping organizations. Maptime Salzburg and disastermappers heidelberg could present themselves in person. We also had remote presentations from Warwick, Como and Teheran which were followed by a lively discussion. We concluded that it would be great that the local groups should be in contact and learn from each other. A common website might be useful. Moreover we had the idea to have a common Mapathon with live video chat. We are looking forward the next steps!