Hangout with HQ

Eeearly on Saturday morning, Maptime HQ invited organizers worldwide to a hangout in Slack and on Google Hangout. So many screens. We talked about successes (your enthusiasm) and challenges (finding a free space to organize, and increasing the frequency of meetings), and received a ton of new ideas for going ahead (exiting new software, mapping tutorials, missing mapathons, video instructions and so much more).

As Maptime Vancouver organizers we have been scratching our heads trying to find a free, large spave, and we have decided that while we dont have an ideal spot for hosting Maptime, it is worse to not host Maptime at all.

Therefore we will shortly be posting info about our next Maptime meeting. Stay tuned - your patience will be rewarded!

Maptime is for everyone regardless of background and technical skill. Maptime is for you! We welcome anyone wanting to share, learn, and teach anything related to cartography. We’d love to see your face at our next meetup. More info coming soon!