July Meetup - Timetravel with Maps:the tutorial

Our historical mapping adventure continues: Last time we saw some beautiful and interesting historical maps at the Vancouver Archives. This time we will be creating digital interactive maps out of the recently scanned Archive maps. Sarah will be sharing the skills she picked up from the New York Public Library’s historical mapping/spacetime directory project.

Zoning Map: City of Vancouver, BC, from the Vancouver archives PUB-: PD 2100:2

We will

  • geo-reference the scanned map so that web tiles can be generated at mapwarper
  • create GeoJSON data to be overlaid, using Mapbox
  • creating a custom base map (to serve as reference/present day) aaaand if we have time, we will
  • integrate all assets in an interactive github web page


you’ll make a digital map out of a really old one! Sarah will cover everything you need to know, from a to z.

We will do a step by step walk-through, and at the end, you’ll all walk away with your individual historical maps!

To make the most of our time, it would be great if you come already signed up for the free mapwarper and mapbox

As always, beginners are very welcome at Maptime, and we will always take the time to answer your questions. Remember your laptop, and prepare for some timetravel!

When 6.00 - 8.00 July 7th

Where BC Libraries Coop, 605 Robson Street, Suite 850

Thanks to Liam and the rest of the BC Libraries Coop for powering our group!

Join us: Tuesday, Jul 07 2015