Maptime + Code for America = <3

Did you know that Maptime and Code for America are best of friends? There’s so much overlap between the two organizations, you could probably call us cousins. We decided to go with best friends instead.

Today, Code for America announced its 2015 class of fellows, which includes a whopping four Maptime organizers! Huge congrats to:

A huge congratulations to our lovely maptimer fellows!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that there are at least a few Maptime chapters that have been born out of Code for America brigades, including MaptimeHRVA (born from Code for Hampton Roads), MaptimeTulsa (born from Code for Tulsa), MaptimeMIA (born from Code for Miami and MaptimePR (born from Code for Puerto Rico). Are you involved in your local Code for America brigade and hankering for a Maptime in your area? Talk about it with your fellow civic hackers and email us at!