Great Big March Madness Maptime Pizza Donation from CartoDB!

Maptime Bear Pizza Delivery

All of us at Maptime are excited to announce our first ever pretty darn big donation. Thanks to the fine folks at CartoDB, Maptimes that meet up in the month of March will get free pizza for up to 35 people.

This is huge! Maptime is self-organized by volunteers. Those without sponsorship have to shoulder the cost of snacks, fees, and sometimes even the cost for space. It’s a testament to the commitment of our community…but it still adds up. This pizza donation will make it that much easier on our organizers this month.

For which we say…


Thank you, CartoDB

Also many thanks to all of our organizers. It’s your work that makes Maptime the amazing community that it is today.

Want to sponsor a Maptime? Email Tax deductible donations coming soon!

Maptime Bear mascot by Omar Ureta of MaptimeLA