CartoDB's Maptime Pizza Donation Continues Another Year!

Pizza Time!

Looking back at a long year of Maptimes and mapping fun, one thing has remained true: Pizza and mapping go hand-in-hand. CartoDB’s Maptime pizza donations this past year has ensured that this remains true, and that mappers everywhere, from Chicago to Berlin, didn’t go a mapping evening un-fed.

Over the course of the past year, over 70 meetups across the world ate over 2,500 slices of delicious cheesy pie asa result of this collaboration, and CartoDB has announced they are extending their donation for another whole year! This means that every Maptime everywhere can enjoy delicious pizza courtesy of CartoDB well into 2017. now that’s reason to celebrate!

##How does it work? Same as before, getting pizza for your Maptime meetup is super easy. One week before every meetup, email with basic information about your event. Here’s what to include:

  • Maptime chapter
  • Meetup date
  • Meetup link
  • Organizer’s name & email
  • Any interesting developments in your mapping community

And thats it! CartoDB will follow up with simple information on how to submit for pizza pay-back. In addition, if the pizza fuels some great CartoDB projects, inspires beautiful friendships, or if you just want to say thanks, be sure to tweet them @cartoDB.