*Tap Tap* Is this thing on?

by: Emily Ashley, Torch Catcher

Hi. It’s been over a year since the maptimeHQ torch was passed and, not gonna lie, these are some pretty big shoes to fill.

but they’re definitely shoes worth filling! just gotta find a groove. In the meantime, we hope your maptimes are going as maptimey as ever.


A few of our admins met online in January and thought maybe it’s time for the first “maptime census” or a “roll call” of sorts. Why? So we can all help keep the active chapter and organizer listings up to date. Why? So folks can find chapters to attend in their community or fill roles and revive hibernating chapters.

Like a phonebook – or any directory, really – it’s best when kept up to date.

How you can help:

Drop us a line. Say hi! Let us know how you and your chapter are doing. (or how you’re not doing, because thats totally ok too)

Got any ideas on how to do this? Join the HQ team and help us figure this out and respond to how everyone is doing!