Make a Map with QGIS

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Here are the materials from the meeting:

We’ve had a lot of fun creating maps for the web, but sometimes the job requires you to break out the desktop GIS and dig in. This month we’ll take a look at QGIS, a powerful and full-featured open-source desktop GIS. If this is all Greek to you, don’t worry! We’ll talk about why you might choose to use a desktop GIS before test-driving some of QGIS’ many features.


QGIS is a fairly large program and it is hightly recommended that you install it ahead of time. Here are some places you can get QGIS:

  1. Head to the official QGIS homepage and follow the directions for your respective operating system.
    • Windows users: if you think you might be using a lot of QGIS in the future, check out the OSGeo4W (Open Source Geospatial for Windows) installer. Otherwise, just grab the standalone installer from the QGIS homepage.
    • Mac users: there are a few options, but unless you’re very comfortable working with package managers and experimental builds, it’s going to be easiest to grab QGIS from the KyngChaos page. Just be sure to download and install all of the prerequisites listed on the page (GDAL 1.11 and Matplotlib).
  2. Grab an installer from Boundless. Note that registration is required for this option.

Maptime is always interactive, so don’t forget to bring your laptop! As always, beginners are very welcome.

Event Details

Join us: Wednesday, Apr 22 2015