OSM 101 sta.mn/y9d
You can follow along here: sta.mn/y9d. Links are in blue boxes, green is just emphasis. Change slides w/ arrow keys. You can comment and edit on github!
What is OpenStreetMap?
OpenStreetMap is the "Wikipedia of maps"
Anyone (like YOU!) can edit OSM
So, let's sign up now!
Where to learn more: www.learnosm.org wiki.osm.org help.osm.org
To learn how to add any kind of thing to the map: wiki.osm.org / wiki / Map_Features
Am I doing it the right way? Read about wiki.osm.org / wiki / Good_practice
Let's get started!
Two ways to edit OSM: web editor iD or advanced editor JOSM
iD: just click edit up in the corner ↖︎
Look: layers! ⬈
Look: notes!⬊
data model: nodes / ways / relations
OK! But what should I edit first? Suggestions:
Trace some buildings
Add some POIs (points of interest)
Play MapRoulette
Do some HOT tasks (Humanitarian OSM Team)
Get outside!
What not to do:
Main rule of thumb: no copying from Google products!
OSM is licensed under the Open Database License: ODbL
More on that another time...
Advanced stuff: (Quality Assurance tools)
ITO World OSM Mapper
I've got some data, can I load it into OSM?
That's also complicated... Read more here: wiki.osm.org / wiki / Import / Guidelines
Get feedback before you import anything!
Now get out there and start mapping!
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