Map Time Session 1: Github Pages

Please write your name and university affiliation below, plus amount of github pages knowledge.

What are Pages?

According to Github


GitHub Pages are public webpages hosted and easily published through GitHub. The quickest way to get up and running is by using the Jekyll Theme Chooser to load a pre-made theme. You can then modify your GitHub Pages’ content and style remotely via the web or locally on your computer.


    What are Pages?

  • Git Pages provides …
    • Resumes, project pages, etc web content
    • 100 gb of storage per repo
  • Workshop structure
    • Additional information
    • Hands on time!
  • Take Aways
    • Your very own Git Page


Again these pages can be used for

  • Blogs
  • Project documentation
  • Books
  • Wikis
  • Personal websites
  • Professional portfolios

Examples of Pages

Getting Started on your own page

“But I found a really cool page, and if it just had a few tweaks it’d work great for me”

That’s the idea!


copy a pre-existing repository (definition: a project) on github to your own account

  • Enables efficient initialization of github related projects

First steps

Advanced options

  • Configuring your theme ! not sure what info to add here as it is uknown to me

Advanced options

  • Project pages
    • create new repository
    • go to settings
    • set up gitpages hosting
    • go to “” to see the result
    • modify with glee!

Go forth and Page!