Web Mapping with D3.js

This month at Maptime Madison, Eric Nost will take us one step further in the world of web mapping! Tools like CARTO make it relatively simple to produce interactive web maps, but sometimes you want to have greater control of the design, especially when your map is part of a page or website. For that, it’s often handy to turn to programming. We’ll walkthrough the basics of programming, what programming means in web mapping, and how to get started. In our tutorial we’ll use D3.js—a Javascript library for dynamically generating SVG graphics—to make a map of the 2016 presidential election.


Please bring a laptop if you have one, otherwise, there will be computers available for your use.

If you want to get started early, you can download the files that we’ll work with here!

If you plan on using a Windows system, you’ll need to download and install Prepros in order to render your map (Mac is way easier!). For either Windows or Mac, you’ll also need a text editor to view and change the code. You can use the defaults on either system, but you might find it much easier to use a text editor specifically designed for programming, such as Sublime Text.

If you don’t have time to download these before Maptime, don’t worry! We’ll walk through the downloads right away.

When and Where

Monday, March 27th, 6pm - 8pm @ Madison Public Library: Central Library @ the Bubbler 201 W Mifflin St Madison, WI 53703

Join us: Monday, Mar 27 2017