Recap - Conquering CartoDB

Thanks to all of you who came out to our November maptime. We were happy to see that you’re still interested in learning about Maps! Many thanks also, to Mark and Konkurito, for providing us with the space to meet.

Some faces were new, and some faces were familiar, and we enjoyed seeing all of you!

Joey led us through an introduction to CartoDB, where we learned the basic of a webmap, and how to use web-based tools, aaand got the low-down on what kinds of complaints the city of Vancouver has to deal with. If you’re interested in what we talked about, check out Joey’s tutorial here.

We have received questions and requests for future workshops, and we greatly appreciate your input - it makes our task easier, and more meaningful. If you have any questions or comments, tweet us @maptimeYVR!

Maptime is for everyone regardless of background and technical skill. Maptime is for you! We welcome anyone wanting to share, learn, and teach anything related to cartography. We’d love to see your face at our next meetup, Wednesday, December 9th at 6:00 pm. More info coming soon!