Batch Loading to OSM: Ethics and Methods

Now that we’ve had experience ( editing in OpenStreetMap as individual contributors, we’re going to investigate ways large updates to OSM can be implemented and how people go about planning and executing them.

There is a large import of Colorado data happening soon and we’ve recruited some of those involved in the process and data curation to come and talk with us in a round-table discussion on May 3rd.

Some questions to get us started:

  1. Where does this data come from?
  2. Who will maintain it? How does it get maintained?
  3. What does the process look like, technically?

We hope you can make it to this round-table discussion of OSM data imports! Please RSVP and post any questions you’d like seed the conversation with in the comments below!

Join us: Thursday, May 03 2018 06:00 PM