FOSS4G Belgium

After the very succesful FOSS4G Belgium events in 2015 and 2016, announces the date of the next FOSS4G Belgium Conference: 26 Oktober 2017.
Stay tuned for more info!

Interested in joining the organisation? Get in touch with

Join us: Thursday, 26 October 2017

Leuven Monthly OpenStreetMap Meetup

We can work on a task from

Or we can do some local mapping. Please write under reactions (in Meetup page) what is your preference.

From 2-4th of June I’ll go to SotM-FR in Avignon to present a workshop about mapping Public Transport. So I’ll probably have a presentation ready about that topic. But we don’t have to tackle such an advanced and somewhat specialised topic.

Everybody with an interest in mapping on is welcome to participate.


KU Leuven Dept. of Geography
By car, on Kapeldreef drive between building E and F to park, then move to the opposite side of E Building for the main entrance. On foot, The entrance is under this overpassing building.

Join us: Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Missing Maps Mapathon at IPIS

NGOs working in the South need decent maps in order to reach people who need help. However, in many places the map is not yet complete.

That’s why we need your help!

We teach volunteers like you how to trace satellite imagery into OpenStreetMap, a free and open map of the entire world. Together, we’ll put an entire area of Central Africa on the map in one evening. No experience required!

Bring laptop & mouse. Drinks & snacks are on the house.

We’ll map various regions in Africa, with a special focus on the Okapi National Park in DRCongo.


IPIS Research
Italiëlei 98A, Antwerpen

Join us: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

First Leuven Monthly OpenStreetMap Meetup

The 300 participants of the National Mapathon managed to get a lot of work done. Those tasks need to be reviewed and either corrected and validated. Or they should be rejected and feedback sent to the mappers, so they can learn from the experience.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have any mapping experience, everything will be explained from the ground up and there are always projects on that are easy to map.

Everybody with an interest in mapping on is welcome to participate.

We’ll be mapping using the JOSM editor in a fully equipped computer room.

You can...

KUL, Building C
Once on the campus go under the first floor bridge between buildings C and E. Then go through the door on your right.

Join us: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

OpenStreetMap meeting in Brussels

Let’s build a community with everybody interested in OpenStreetMap!

The target audience is everybody! From hearing the word OpenStreetMap a few seconds ago to the total expert in no time. There will be someone you can discuss and have a drink with we’re an interational community speaking English, Dutch, French so come join us!

Tell us what you’d like discuss/present/share. You can add them to our framapad:

Version française sur la page Meetup Nederlands versie op Meetup pagina

The Sister Brussels Café
Rue Chair et Pain 3 - 1000 Bruxelles

Join us: Monday, 24 April 2017